The CPCS Initiative has a presence at Twitter through the Twitter account of Stefan Pasti (@StefanPasti), the Founder and Resource Coordinator for The Community Peacebuilding and Cultural Sustainability (CPCS) Initiative.

In March, 2018, Mr. Pasti created another tweet series for the “13 Step” paper (see other outreach efforts below).  For this tweet series three brief descriptions of each of the 13 Steps are uploaded in GIF format (as if they were a photo), with an accompanying tweet to introduce them.  A link to the complete 13 Step tweet series (with an introduction and an Appendix) is offered in each accompanying tweet.  Mr. Pasti understands that some of the people who follow him at Twitter may become weary of hearing about the “13 Steps”; however Mr. Pasti feels those 13 Steps provide “pieces” which can provide significant assistance with accelerating solution-oriented activity in this time of unprecedented challenges.  Thus, he persists in making what contributions he can.

In August, 2017, Mr. Pasti created a Twitter Moment (titled "Wisdom and Compassion Needed for Unprecedented Challenges Ahead") which summarizes his outreach efforts with the "13 Steps for Long Term Culture Change" paper.  That Twitter Moment includes the following four paragraph introduction--and will be accessible as one of the most recent tweets in his Twitter profile (see @StefanPasti).

From approximately May, 2017 through July, 2017, the focus of The CPCS Initiative is outreach associated with the 78 page paper "13 Steps for Long Term Culture Change" (May, 2017)--which can be viewed as a 2nd Summary Paper from The CPCS Initiative.  The first CPCS Summary Paper was "Recalibrating Our 'Moral Compasses': to resolve unprecedented challenges and discover our collective spiritual destiny" (85 pages; June, 2015; updated July, 2016), which summarizes the work of The CPCS Initiative from 2001 to 2015.  (Below are a list of the key tweets made during this outreach effort.)   

In addition, Mr. Pasti shares information about ideas, insights, resources, and links which he believes are are significant contributions to identifying challenges, and to building collaborative problem solving efforts at this critical time.

Visitors to Mr. Pasti's Twitter Page will find that he is directing his efforts towards following lead thinkers and organizations in many fields (see his following list), including:  many individuals and organizations involved with constructive efforts to mitigate climate change; collaborative problem solving; stakeholder facilitation; peacebuilding; poverty alleviation; hunger alleviation; permaculture; sustainable investment; socially responsible investment; green investment; local currency; food security; social research; education; journalism; and any other twitter accounts which may have insights, resources, etc related to “maximizing citizen participation in times of unprecedented challenges.

 Mr. Pasti would appreciate any suggestions for who he might add to his Twitter "following" list.

Special Notice:  "Convergence of Critical Challenges Alert to Peacebuilders, Chaplains--from" (10 pages; Feb. 2017)  

Beginning in February, 2017, The CPCS Initiative issued a Convergence of Critical Challenges Alert.  An introduction to the full text document “Convergence of Critical Challenges Alert to Peacebuilders, Chaplains--from” (10 pages; approx. 3500 words) is being directed to:

a)  peacebuilding organizations and peacebuilding graduate study programs
b)  chaplains and offices of religious and spiritual life at universities and colleges
c)  national and international organizations associated with religious and spiritual life in higher education

Key CPCS Initiative outreach documents include:

1)  "13 Steps for Long Term Culture Change"  (78 pages; May, 2017)
2)  "Key Tweet List for '13 Step' Outreach"  (revised from 15 tweets to 17) (2 pages; July, 2017)
3)  “Unprecedented Challenges Ahead--February 2017”  (2 pages; Feb. 2017)
4)  “Launching the Community Peacebuilding and Cultural Sustainability (CPCS) Initiative Hashtag (#CPbCSus)”  (5 page overview of the CPCS Initiative)  (Nov., 2015)
5)  the new "Preface to the (1st) CPCS Summary Paper"  (4 pages; June, 2016)
​6)  8 page introduction to CPCS Initiative Summary Paper (Note: this introduction is also the text of the CPCS Initiative homepage at (Oct. 2016; Jan. 2017)
​7)  “Convergence of Critical Challenges Alert to Peacebuilders, Chaplains--from”  (10 pages; Feb. 2017)

Currently, the key twitter tweets for CPCS Initiative outreach are--with the (18 left, etc) being how many characters are left in the tweet for directing the tweet to individuals, organizations, and/or related hashtags--

“Unprecedented Challenges Ahead-February 2017” 10 most critical challenges to peaceful,sustainable world  (8) 

​ Unprecedented Challenges + Serious Blind Spots  =  Uncharted Territory = unprecedented collaboration needed   (8)

(Twitter Moment) “Wisdom and Compassion Needed for Unprec Challenges Ahead” by @StefanPasti …  (30)

Text of Introduction to Twitter Moment (“Wisdom and Compassion Needed….”)-which includes active links   (14)

“13 Steps for Long Term Culture Change” 78p; May,2017  created for workshops in response to unprecedented challenges  (0)

(1 of 2) 8p intro for “13 Steps” includes section “The Down-to-Earth Practical Value of Wisdom”  (20)

(2 of 2) Limiting of desires at “root” will save trouble of responding to conseq of unrestrained desires as they materialize worldwide  (4)

"It would be foolish to underestimate the challenge of checking the consumption juggernaut…."  (Christopher Flavin)  (24)

“The satisfaction of one's physical needs must come at a certain point to a dead stop before it degenerates into physical decadence.” Gandhi  (0)

Unprecedented Challenges + Serious Blind Spots =  Uncharted Territory = unprecedented collaboration needed  (10)

There are countless “things people can do in everyday circumstances of their lives” which will help achieve positive tipping points/13 Steps  (0)

Unpreced challenges=countless opportunities for arriving at new appreciation of personal qualities, skills, of neighbors and fellow citizens  (0)

3p intro to “13 Steps” paper/ “13 Steps”=positive multiplier effects/acceleration of solution-oriented activity   (4)

“13 Steps for Long Term Culture Change” 78p May,2017  1.5deg, peacebuilding, cultural sust   (26)

“13 Steps for Long Term Culture Change” 78p; May,2017  unpreced challenges require unpreced solutions   (14)

“13 Steps for Long Term Culture Change” 78p Citizen Participation in Times of Unpreced Challenges  (19)

Haiku—“All day in grey rain/hollyhocks follow the sun’s/invisible road” (Basho) This is essence of “13 Steps…”  (29)

We need plans of action which will help people discover for themselves how much we really need to be on the same side, helping each other.  (0)

“13 Steps for Long Term Culture Change” (78 pages; May, 2017) 2nd Summary Paper from CPCS Initiative  (15)

​“Spirit of the Sacred Hoop”-creation myth, dream story, cautionary tale, healing story-in 27 tweets   (16)

Willing to do long distance workshops/consult “13 Steps for Long Term Culture Change”--as volunteer/no charge  (30)

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Maximizing Citizen Participation and Accelerating Solution-Oriented Activity
in a Time of Unprecedented Challenges

The Community Peacebuilding and Cultural Sustainability (CPCS) Initiative

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