Maximizing Citizen Participation and Accelerating Solution-Oriented Activity
in a Time of Unprecedented Challenges

The Community Peacebuilding and Cultural Sustainability (CPCS) Initiative

The CPCS Initiative Discussion Forum can be a useful resource, where members and guests can can respond to the suggested questions, add other questions and responses, and/or contribute positive and constructive comments, questions, links, etc  which might be helpful to other participants.

The CPCS Initiative Discussion Forum currently has nine sections:

1)  Welcome and Introductions
2)  Harvest Song
3)  Community Visioning Initiatives
4)  Neighborhood Learning Centers
5)  Neighbor to Neighbor Community Education (NTNCE) Project
6)  13 Steps for Long Term Culture Change
7)  178 Related Fields of Activity
8)  Posts, Articles, Resources, Links
9)  Open Topic

Discussion sections can be added to the CPCS Discussion Forum. If there are discussion topics which visitors to the CPCS Discussion Forum would like to see, they can make suggestions in the "Open Topic" section, or make their suggestions by sending me (Stefan Pasti, Founder and Resource Coordinator for The CPCS Initiative--and administrator and moderator for the Discussion Forum) an email at

​The CPCS Initiative Discussion Forum is located at

 The Administrator and Moderator for the CPCS Initiative Discussion Forum is Stefan Pasti (Founder and Resource Coordinator, The CPCS Initiative).

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CPCS Initiative Discussion Forum