Maximizing Citizen Participation and Accelerating Solution-Oriented Activity
in a Time of Unprecedented Challenges

The Community Peacebuilding and Cultural Sustainability (CPCS) Initiative

Stefan Pasti is the Founder and Resource Coordinator for The CPCS Initiative, and currently the sole organizational person.

The Community Peacebuilding and Cultural Sustainability (CPCS) Initiative ( provides research and analysis for critical challenge alerts, and research and support for collaborative problem solving, community education, and citizen peacebuilding initiatives which seek to maximize citizen participation, and accelerate solution-oriented activity.


The Community Peacebuilding and Cultural Sustainability (CPCS) Initiative is an effort to apply the accumulated wisdom now accessible to us towards the general goal of integrating spiritual wisdom into the everyday circumstances of community life--and towards the specific goal of generating practical responses to the challenges of our times.

The IPCR Initiative (which preceeded The CPCS Initiative--see “About The IPCR Initiative”) was more focused on the latter mission statement of The CPCS Initiative.  Even as recently as mid-2018, it seemed that there would be decades of time to respond to the challenges identified in numerous risk assessments [from 9/11 on (the beginning of The IPCR Initiative)].  And especially since I had the opportunity to access the teachings of Sri Sathya Sai Baba (first, in 1992; 301 page compilation of quotations from Baba’s discourses in 1997), it seemed like my work was to focus on the “marginalization of the world’s treasured wisdom” piece (re because I had the opportunity to understand how much treasure had been marginalized).  [“Contributing whatever he can to realizing such profound potential, regardless of whether or not such potential is realized in his lifetime, has been the central motivating spirit of Mr. Pasti’s life for decades.” (from the “About Stefan Pasti” webpage)]

However, the IPCC Special Report on 1.5C, when it came out in October, 2018, was a very abrupt awakening for many people (see Guardian article “We have 12 years to limit climate change catastrophe, warns UN”).  From that time on, I have changed the focus of my work to highlighting the risk assessments specific to Global Warming (while still emphasizing other challenges), and highlighting the potential of the “constellation of initiatives” approach to maximizing citizen participation in solution-oriented activity.

The document “30 Propositions and Premises of The CPCS Initiative” (4 pages) (May, 2017) is a helpful view into the balancing I have done between the second mission statement above and the first.  There is much that we may never know about spiritual truths; and yet faith in them may be a very significant part of our transition to another more peaceful and sustainable era on this planet.  [Faith helps us move from “it hardly seems possible” to “it must be possible”, because Faith believes Love will prevail.]


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About the CPCS Initiative