Maximizing Citizen Participation and Accelerating Solution-Oriented Activity
in a Time of Unprecedented Challenges

The Community Peacebuilding and Cultural Sustainability (CPCS) Initiative

Invitation Package for Possible Board of Advisors

The “Invitation Package” document is a compilation of observations from a wide range of vantage points, which provides both a “big picture” assessment of the critical point we are at, and more than enough evidence that we have the resources to overcome the challenges of our times.

This 589 page document is an invitation to the 272 people listed in Section III “List of People Being Formally Invited to Join CPCS Initiative Board of Advisors"—and to citizens from every variety of circumstances who might read this—

to help create, become involved, contribute to, and participate in--

a) one or more of the thousands of Community Visioning Initiatives (or some similar stakeholder engagement/collaborative problem solving process designed to maximize citizen participation) needed to overcome the challenges of our times

b) clearinghouse websites for both Community Visioning Initiatives (or community wide collaborative problem solving/stakeholder engagement processes) and Community Teaching and Learning Centers (Neighborhood Learning Centers).

“Invitation Package for Possible Board of Advisors” (589 p., 3.66 MB; Nov. 2013)

Supporting documents (most of which are included in the "Invitation Package" document):

1 page introduction

5 page introduction  (very helpful overview, but note:  3 internal links no longer exist)

20 page Introduction

1 page short version Table of Contents

27 page long version Table of Contents

"The Potential of Community Visioning Initiatives (in 500 words)"

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