Maximizing Citizen Participation and Accelerating Solution-Oriented Activity
in a Time of Unprecedented Challenges

The Community Peacebuilding and Cultural Sustainability (CPCS) Initiative

Neighbor to Neighbor Community Education (NTNCE) Project


The Neighbor to Neighbor Community Education (NTNCE) Project advocates for a new section in newspapers associated with small and mid-sized towns.  The new section (NTNCE section) would be used to highlight and accumulate stories, personal experiences, and other forms of reader contributions which identify helpful people and valuable resources, and reinforce important community goals.

The NTNCE Project is an example of community service work which can be done by local newspapers, which:

a)  highlights what is valuable and important in everyday community life
b)  encourages positive neighbor to neighbor relations
c)  provides records of community life which can be used by future historians
d)  helps increase consensus for a local specific, commonly agreed upon definition of “the greater good”.

Why is this Neighbor to Neighbor Community Education (NTNCE) Project Needed?

We now live in the most complex cultural landscapes ever created on Planet Earth.

Access the search engines on the Internet; Wikipedia; YouTube; Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.); professional networks, etc. on Ning Platforms; iPhones and iPads; television networks; cable networks; newspapers; and radios mean that however carefully schools—and other educational institutions—attend to their social responsibilities, there are countless ways in which unworthy features of our complex world can counteract, rather than reinforce, important educational goals.

It is in such a context—in the most complex cultural landscapes ever created—that the Neighbor to Neighbor Community Education (NTNCE) Project suggests there is a profound need for not just schools (and other educational institutions)—but all citizens—to recognize their social responsibilities to identify and reinforce only those cultural “building blocks” which help create and support commonly agreed upon definitions of “the greater good”.

The Neighbor to Neighbor Community Education (NTNCE) Project is an invitation to local residents to share positive experiences in a new section of their local newspaper (the NTNCE section) as a way of highlighting and illustrating how even the smallest events of everyday community life can be positive contributions to:

1)  the education goals of the local public school system
2)  increasing consensus on a locally specific, commonly agreed upon, and revitalized “moral compass”
3)  the greater good of all residents in the local community and region

Supporting Documents for NTNCE Project

There are currently 3 supporting documents for the Neighbor to Neighbor Community Education (NTNCE) Project:

​1)  3 page Press Release (in a Letter to the Editor format) (511 words)
2)  6 page Project Overview  (1,916 words)
3)  16 page Project Proposal

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